Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Clear my doubts..

Since EOS is around the corner, lets turn this blog into a temporary forum.. As suggested by KP.. :) Clear my doubts.. Very frustrated with contradicting statements from different lecturers...

Subject : GI

1. Large intestine secretes or absorbs potassium iron?
In 'large intestine' lecture it secretes but in 'GI absorption and malabsorption' lecture it

2. Chymotrypsin is an endopeptidase or exopeptidase?
In ''Digestive processes' lecture it is exopeptidase but in 'The pancreas' lecture it is
and how about elastases??


斌世无双 said...

i thought chymotrypsin is endopeptidase? digestive lecture got mention is exo?

CKC said...

Diu, digestive system where got mention??

According to Dr Nyunt Wai

Potassium ion is absorbed at upper colon...then secreted at lower colon...the secretion is more than absorption...hence, it is NET SECRETION....

Ala David..."A" student aka 1st class student also tak tau...

DaVIdnG said...

i know.. that means net is SECRETION right?? but then in prof hla yee yee's lecture she mention colon absorbs electrolyte..ESPECIALLY potassium... lol.... explain explain...

Anonymous said...

i just copy and paste :)

anitha: agree with KH
22 Apr 09, 01:06
KH: in some of the lecture notes(not oni in GI) oso like tat de..
22 Apr 09, 01:03
KH: it din like go into detail 4 all the function of large intestine i think she left out the secretion lo..
22 Apr 09, 01:01
KH: ah bo..david..wat is HYY lecture note's title?GI ABSORPTION & malabsorption means that the lecture note is focus on absoption oni.
21 Apr 09, 22:25
david: oh ya.. i think it is better to post under comment.. just in case others wanna know also easier for them..
21 Apr 09, 22:24
david: yeah.. it both absorb and secrete.. but net should be secrete.. just tat in HYY notes, it specifies large intestine absorb K+.. -_-lll
21 Apr 09, 22:05
len: Let me know if I am wrong..
21 Apr 09, 22:03
len: in NW notes, it is stated net secretion instead os secretion.
21 Apr 09, 22:03
len: hey david, for ur 1st ques, i think cuz large intestine has major function to absord water and electrolytes, therefore in HYY notes, K+ is absorbed. But secretion of K+ is more than absorption. Thus,

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