Thursday, March 26, 2009


There were a few serious cases of robberies happening in IMU property, mainly in the hilltop carpark area. A laptop was snatched and a car was also stolen. Both victims are females. There was a emergency meeting with SRC, and these are the few main points that were brought up. Please take note.

1) To enable parking in the hilltop area, a yellow parking sticker (can be obtained from SAD) and also student ID must be shown to the guard before entering.

2) The gate to the hilltop parking will be LOCKED at 8PM starting from Monday, 30th Mac. So, it is really really encouraged that cars be parked at the IMU basement after 6pm (its free after 6pm). However, if really cannot retrieve your car by 8pm, please see the guard available in IMU to ask for permission to open the gate.

3) Student ID is required to enter IMU. No exception.

Other general precautions are like:

- Do not walk alone to carpark or LRT. Be aware of suspicious activity/car/people.
- Do not leave important belongings (hp, laptop) in the pigeon hole in library.

These two cases are isolated cases. There are many more which are not reported, but the truth is that it is happening. This is a very serious matter. Be aware at all times. Look out for each other's back.

Do not take safety for granted.


Seaneng said...

yaya..agree with kin man..everyone have to be careful of your own safety..Be more alert with what is happening at your surrounding..

For those who driving,do not straight away come down from the car after you all park your car.Look around first to ensure that no suspicious people is around then only come down from the car especially during night time.

Wil Liam said...

Oi yo...robbery oh...dangerous! Better keep your butt safe! Wahahaha....:P