Friday, March 6, 2009

Buddy Day by B106

As you can see throughout IMU, there are posters promoting an event call Buddy Day, organized by B106. So I just post the info here:

It is a day to show appreciation to your close friends by getting them these few gifts!!

The items available are:

1) Buddy Jungle Ape T-Shirts
RM 20 each. (with customised message on T-shirt.)

2) Funky Hip-Hop Caps
RM 12 eax. (with customised message)

3) Animal Button Badges
RM 3 each.
Animals available are: Big Piggy, Panda and Mini Piggu.

4) Sweets with handmade designer cards by Irene W.
RM 3 each. (with message attached).

For those interested, please see or contact me or post your order here. (016-6020219)
All the best for biotech. :)


斌世无双 said...

i wan to buy a buy for David 1.. but too bad.. not selling here..

andrewL said...

buy wat? tortoise badge? I think it'll suit him.

斌世无双 said...

i just noticed i type buy a buy...
i wan buy a car.. but since dont have.. then too bad la..

彦霓::yen-nee said...

order here? including message?

Name and message ah?

Paiseh paiseh.

Item: Sweet(s) with card (if not mistaken)
Quantity: One (too much sugar intake is bad for health :P)
Recipient: Chong See San B106
From: Ding Yen-Nee B107
Message: Thanks for being such a wonderful buddy! Buddy-ship forever! :D

(please help me to include " :D "as well, thanks. wahaha~~)

When shall I pay?

彦霓::yen-nee said...

Oh ya, I wanna order two more.

Item: Sweet + card
Quantity: two (2)
To: Sharon Tang, Tzee Xin (both B108)
From: Ding Yen-Nee B107
Message: Be positive and believe that God makes everything for a GOOD reason. Stay cheerful and whenever you need a buddy, I am here, ok? Jia you, girls! :)