Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The final match.

Here comes the 8th match against EOS.

It's the final match.

It doesn't matter how long did we take to reach here, but as long as we are here,


It will be the final match.

Between B107 and EOS.

Soon after that, we'll be seen throwing our convo hats.

It's coming in real soon!

The game/match/war/competition is going to start!

All the best, dear B107!

Our results may rank us like the bands we see in paper chromatography,

but afterall,

nobody memorises the results of the chromatography consisting more than 100 colors.

It's the friendship that matters.

*wink wink*


OKie, all the best!


Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan.*

Pray hard, and everything will be fine.


"we will pass this sem together!"

*I die also must pass with you all, please please please...*


andrewL said...

Thx for the inspiration. i almost died of hypomotivationaemia.

Kin Man said...

Thanks for this post, Yen-nee! Now motivated d!

PinG said...

Well Wrtten!

Good Luck everyone!

And thanks yen nee for updating this blog. =D

KP said...

Great one...
Thanks Yen Nee..

l^wei said...

Thank you so much Yen-nee! =D

Darrell KTL said...

Yeah. We passed! (I write this first for the next week) :)

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