Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Form to Fill for Our PRP Registration

Hi all!

Other than the Borang 1 that we need to fill, this is another form, known as BMD (Borang Makluman Diri) that we need to fill and pass up.

The dateline to pass up both forms is actually 15th Feb, but since it is a holiday on the 15th, you still can pass up on 16th Feb. But best if you pass up both forms to me on the 14th when I see you for the first IS.

For those who had already pass up their Borang 1 to their lecturers, no worry, just inform me that you passed up to your lecturer cos I need to tick your name.

IMPORTANT NOTICE!! I will not assume that every one will be passing up their forms, as some may be planning to delay their PRP registration. So, do inform me whether you did/did not pass up both forms.


Here is the link to download BMD form and Borang 1.

BMD form

Borang 1

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