Sunday, April 4, 2010

Transport To IMU Ball

Greetings B107-ians =)

Here is the list of people who have agreed to drive and help to ferry all of us to the IMU Ball.
Unfortunately, my car got stolen so I'll most probably drive chia yan's car since she's not driving.

1. Grace (017-875 1660)
2. Chi Lun (017-583 0988)
3. Stacie (012-691 2102)
4. Chia Yan- Pang Tsen (012-985 5355)
5. Sor Leng- David (016-865 6516)
6. Wai Shan aka Stella (017-227 9266)
7. Kwong Howe aka Sean Eng (012-628 4123)
8. Weng Fai (016-513 3028)
9. Farah (019-298 0868)
10. Andrew (012-318 4617)
11. Mun Choon- Anitha's boiboi (012-649 4258)
12. Choon Choon aka Fion (012-771 0197)
13. Kian Ti (013-607 7668)
14. E Lyn- Kean Ping (012-694 5768)
15. Li Ling (017-618 6131)
16. Natalie aka Nataliser/ Nata de Coco (017-568 9566)
17. Chuann Ling (012-493 9147)

We have 17 cars confirmed for now which means, we can fit everyone who's going. (since some are going straight from home)

The exact location for the IMU Ball is:
The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur
5 Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur‎

To all the drivers, I hope that you all will try to accomodate as many people possible in your car.
You all can googlemap the location given above.
Please make sure that you all know how to get there because WE WILL NOT BE SETTING OFF FROM IMU TOGETHER.
This will mean you all are free to set off from IMU anytime you want after picking up your passengers.
If you are unsure or doubtful about the location/direction, give me a call and I'll try to explain.

And to all of you who haven't found your transport there, you can choose the driver of your choice. Please do it ASAP so that the driver can arrange the time to meet and pick you up from IMU or elsewhere. (since many of you have your hairdo and makeup appointments)
However, do understand that the some drivers might find their cars full already by now.
Hence, you'll have to find another driver from the list if that happens.

Also, please note that the offical starting time for the event is 6.30pm.
Please try to be there before 6.30pm as there will be firespitters, etc performing.
You don't wanna miss it! =D

Lastly, to all of you B107-ians who bought the class nike jersey, the jerseys are with me.
I'll be bring them to the seminar on Friday so do attend and collect your jerseys.

Well, that's all for now.
Thank you and have a good nite.
God bless!

With lots of LOVE,
Tsen =)

Oh btw, my car wasn't stolen.
hehe... Happy April's Fool.
Sorry for the delay. =P
My car will be stolen soon though.
By my dad. keke... XD


Seaneng said...


Natalie said...

you got my number wrong -_-
Nat = 017 3147126 :)

DaVIdnG said...

wow.. new car tsen... lol...

anitha said...

just to let u all noe that MC's car is full..
sorry guys

Seaneng said...

juz wanna tel u car oso full d..

and i noe the way to the place..and i got GPS oso juz in case anything wont be a huge problem for me to reach thr la..

Janning said...

tsen. thanks for the fooling around. =.=