Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some annoucements

1) For Group B and C, please refer to Dr Low Bee Yean's folder to get the triggers for the Responding to Symptoms workshop 2 and try them before the workshop

These announcements are from SRC:

1) Carpark issue:

- The proposed fee is RM50 per month. (tarred and painted)
- Shading will not be provided cos a hospital will be built on it in 2012.
- Tarring cost a few million ringgit, thus the imposed fee.

2) Dresscode. (yawn...)

-First 3 offenses: Talk with SRC
Next 3 offenses: Talk with AAD
Next 3 offenses: Talk with dean plus action taken.

-Leggings are not allowed.
-Dresscode is to be followed till 6pm.


Siew Li said...

whyyy no leggings????????

andrewL said...


Carpark RM50 with no shading? call them f*** themselves la! Put some stupid shit tar then call every1 pay RM50..
Call them paint their balls la... who gives a shit if the carpark is painted.. do they think we're conducting lectures or having camps there? -- NO!

Even if they put an escalator to replace that effing mini-batu caves steps i think i aint paying that shit RM50 bucks.

Ask SRC, IMU or whoever created this idea to f*ck themselves... seriously.