Saturday, May 9, 2009

Never Give Up

After you had spent the whole day forcing yourself to look at the lecture notes, to love the lecture notes, to munch the lecture notes, to dream of the lecture notes but nothing stays at your fingertip, what will you do?

I felt so discouraged when I was studying biotech today, because I could hardly keep things in my brain.

Then I saw this.

I was so ashamed by myself.

Maybe you can spend 4mins 33 sec looking at this.

Maybe it will inspire you as how it inspired me.

Say this to everyone, "never ever give up" .

He said,

If I fail, I try again and again and again.


DaVIdnG said...

watched before.. nice one..

Peggy 佩琪 said...

Indeed is a nice one~~ feel almost wan to cry~~

Peggy 佩琪 said...
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Kah Yee said...

you are so positive!!! Thanks for this!!! Aunty!! Stay motivated!!

彦霓::yen-nee said...

Ya, I did feel like crying too...

To Aunty Kah Yee, panggil saya aunty di depan semua orang!! BLEK.

He is very positive so his positiveness diffused a lil bit to me loh, haha..

All the best to everyone for the remaining papers and NEVER GIVE UP.

km-y said...

thanks yen-nee. =)optimism is the way to go! all the best for next week, everyone!

斌世无双 said...

i also want to add... nice one..