Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello Bird

Since WP said after CNY the template should be changed into Valentine, here come three of us to change it!

So, is it much better than last time done by triple wei?Baby Emoticon

Dance Leg UpDance 35Cool Emoticon 10 Cool 1emoticon

Hehe....anyway, hope you all like this new theme!

So what are u waiting for? Hurry up and express ur love!!
Kiss Delivery
Hug t 1 u love

Theres Is My Baby

And have a happy valentine's day
Of Course
For those who are single and still looking for t one.


Kisses for all the lonely people

Enjoy ya!!

by, HKL


Anonymous said...

According to the B107 insider...whom is stalking HKL all the time...this post was posted at 1.15pm by a group of three that previously known as triple WEI

Hi Ling WEI
Khor WEI Ping
Loo WEI wen


DaVIdnG said...

Hospital Kuala Lumpur... haha... good job!!

hchin said...

like them so much~!!they r so cuteee-Pu guys r so funny n creative!!d name esp..prefer tis name than the prev one..haha..

l^wei said...

my name pula wrote wrong.....want to push ppl out must know the correct spelling la plz....

anyway, hope you ppl like the theme i changed and the song L chosen :P

hchin said...

Hahaa..yaya..wrong name-)wat la..

Kin Man said...

i love this theme...hehe...got mood d..lol..

km-y said...

hahaha! i also thought it was hospital kuala lumpur!